Dartzeel 108 amp upgrade?

Any thoughts on the upgrade for this amp. It is by far the best sounding amp I have heard and was wondering the sonic differences with these changes
If you're referring to the upgrade from a year or so ago, the change is incredible. That upgrade "completes" the 108.
It's far more dynamic and robust. The bass has more weight and drive. With the upgrade there no longer is the DC compensation circuit which was a total PITA to adjust and I believe made the amp less stable. You can now drive the snot out of the amp and not even get the eyes to glow bright, let alone blink.

The 108 is now just flat out fabulous, across the board.
Fbhifi, do you have in mind darTZeel SCNP network? That upgrade is available from the end of 2009, but still is not officially announced?
I believe that is the upgrade I was referring to from 2009. It is such a fine and trouble free amp that its hard to believe it could get much better. I will definitely check it out. Price???
CHF 1,575.00 plus labour CHF 300.00. Cheers.
1,875.00 CHF = 2,017.35 USD

Seems worth it to me.