Darn it...Odyssey Loreleis vs Tannoy Gold 12

I just got at home a pair of beautifully sounding Odyssey Loreleis (and lookers as well)...

But now I have a chance to buy some Tannoy Monitot Gold 12's in Cantata cabs, with xover reworked by Kara Chaffee.

The modern speaker vs the venerable Tannoy....

dilemma begins!
More info:

Room is about 15 ft x 18. only one square corner on the opposite wall...vaulted ceiling as well..berber carpet..

Electronics are Berning EA-230 triode (30 watts/ch), preamp is the berning TF-10 pre.I dont listen tremendously loud ( never measured in dB)...just loud enough to get immersed in the music...Music I listen to is mainly classical (chamber mainly), classic rock (Yes, King Crimson, ELP, etc etc), Jazz fusion and traditional jazz as well..
given your musical tastes, stick with the odyssey, although there's lots of weight to your favorite music that the triode set up won't convey given its limits. a beefier push/pull tube amp will open up the speakers at low to mid volume as well assound smoother when you go really loud. if you like the sound of a triode, go to a more rock friendly horn design such as yhe klipsch legacy series.
Hey Hey Jsujo.While I am a very big fan of Klaus Bunge's work and the voicing of his speakers,but "do not" discount the classic tannoy gold. With updated crossovers parts and proper modern cabinets they will compete head on with the odyssey as well as anything else out there in that price range. The Berning is a superb synergistic match with the Tannoy as well. Not sure of Kara's crossover work in the Tannoy but if he used the mundorf caps as what is used in the Odyssey you will be amazed at the resolution and focus of the classic dual concentric. Cantata cabs?????????? Should be an interesting shoot out. All the best on your journey.
I cant find any info on the Cantata cabs,,,by the pics, it seems to be maybe 14/13" wide, 17/18" tall, and barelu wider than the driver itself...with a round port up front.