Dark Side of the Moon

Does anyone have a list, or know where to find one, of ALL the various releases (vinyl, CD, SACD, DVD) of this album. Also, recommendations of your favorite for the various formats. I really like the sound of the discs in the boxed set "Shine On" from 1992. I haven't compared D.S.O.T.M., but the other CD's are far superior in quality (redbook) to any Japanese, European, or Mo-fi versions, in an A/B comparison. Does anyone know if there is an Australian pressing of D.S.O.T.M.? I've always been impressed by the fidelity of Aussie CD's!
This is exclusive to D.S.O.T.M. but the hybrid's are THE BEST I have ever heard, there are 3 different pressings of the hybrid, the good one is the Japanese pressed CD. The other two(Holland, and USA{aka Crest}) are known to crack around the center hole, if you go to the audio asylum there has been a lot of talk of this lately- I come to find out mine is a problematic disk(I see cracking starting at the center) though I don't plan on doing anything until the cracks reach the data, and I see a place that has the "good" copies on the shelves.
Japanese "Pro Use" half-speed LP is the best by a good margin, followed by the Mo-Fi UHQR.
Hi Tireguy-- Where can one fine the Japanese hybrid
pressing? Thanks
I have no fewer than 4 versions of this on CD.
The Shine On Version from '92,the '94 remaster,the Mobile Fidelity Gold Mastersound version and the new SACD/CD version.
I haven't fully analysed them in my new system but before the '94 version was noticeably better than the '92 version.
The MoFi version has been mastered very quietly but does sound very good-not much between that and '94 if I remember rightly.
I need to really listen to the new version in more detail and go back to the others too.............
Travelstead- They are out there in the US, I don't know exactly what to look for but if you click the link in my first post and look for some talk about D.S.O.T.M. you will surely find the difference, I know it is easy to tell them apart(slightly different packaging). I just don't know what to look for.... yet.
Look for a black sticker and a number without "-US" on the spine. I found mine at a local Wal-mart of all places.