Dark Amplifier

I have owned Many $$$ amps in the Past, Several tube solid ect.
Looking for a Rowland/Krell type presentation on a Budget.  Belles OCM 500  was a favorite.
Classe DR9
10-4  On the Dr-9
What's your budget? Depending on what it is, you could buy a used Krell or Rowland.
Another vote for DR-9.
1K.    Pretty much puts out the Krells even the Rowland, id up that for old larger Rowland  I think it was the model 2

I had several Krells  The Mda300, Several  Ksa250's  KMA 200
Funny thing that Ocm 500  Was a real favorite
Here is what I have now an Older  AB international  200 a side.
Can anyone comment on the overall sound of this pro amp?
I run old   JBL  l-300 type speakers
These as a Matter of Fact http://www.ebay.com/itm/JBL-PRO-TWO-SPEAKERS-IN-WORKING-CONDITION-SEE-LIST-OF-COMPONENTS-/2224463667...?
Any of the Audio Refinement Multi series (I have a Multi-5 and Multi-2) made by YBA.
If you liked your old Belles what about a 350A Reference? The current V2 has a more darker tube sound than the V1 did. 
Had several Belles and devoted until this Aragon 4004 mk II. Regardless, be careful as everything changes as it ages. Picked this one up after total overhaul and rectifier stage upgrade by Steve formerly lead tech at Krell for 20 years. Endless power and speaker control with good timbre, detail and body. Awesome and Affordable and with recent system changes perhaps/I hate to/maybe Available.   :-/  Anyway, Good Luck !