Daria Rabotkina Pianist


One to look out for in the future I think.
Beautiful playing.
Prima face, very impressiv playing on the uTube clip. What is her extant discography. Guido
I looked on her website, and there are clips of her playing some pieces, but there did not appear to be any cd's available as yet.Maybe she is waiting for a recording contract?
Hopefully someone will sign her up soon if she has not already got deal.

Thanks Gawdbless for pointing this promising your artist out to us. You are right, she's worth looking out for in the future. Her technical skills are excellent, regarding her grasp of the emotional content of her choices, she still has to learn, I feel. Comparing her grasp of the music to that of Martha Argerich's playing when she was of similar age, she still falls flat quite a bit. Argerich at that age had all the technical skills but a much more mature grasp on musical nuances in phrasing and expression than this young lady according to my taste and demands. But all the same, she is, as your rightly say, worth looking out for and thanks to you, I certainly will.
Your welcome Detlof, Its good to share our passion on this forum with new musicians etc. I have been put onto quite a few new artists' new to me that I may have missed on this forum, and as a result my cd collection has swelled some!
Shamefully, I have to admit I only have 1 Martha Argerich cd in my collection.
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