dared vp-20 amps, any one try these?

Does anyone have opinions/impressions on the 6L6 block amps?

Well, I bought a pair here for 375.00
I have only had them for two days,I did not try the stock tubes and most likely never will.
I bought some new EH 6L6 tube all around, and even with the new tubes not burned in, this amp/amps and the 6L6 tube is very impressive, seems well built, very powerful,musical, considering the 18 watts its rated per side.
I'll report more later, after more time has been spent.
The Dared 20 is a fun, peppy amp given you dont ask too much power out of it.

The Good
1.great sound!
2.Nice looking...subjective.......
3.made music..
4.The 6L6 tube is cheap and punchy,clean tube.
5.Seemed well built to me.The cables did suck some....
6.mono design,very good separation of sound!!!

The Bad
1. when I used a separate preamp, the dared was noisy as heck.
2. One Input????one is better than none but thats all...
3.mono design,two volume controls to deal with, bad WAF...

So, your limited with only one input,looking back,I would go with a ASL used,way more flexable.