Dared Tube preamp/amp??

I just now learned about Dared tube equipment. The price definately seems right, but I know nothing about them. Has anyone used these? If I get the SET tube amp to go with the preamp, what speakers are good to use? Will they run Wharfedale Diamond 8.3? I am looking for a relatively low budget system, but with good sound quality. Also considering Jolida integrated amps (to give you an idea of what I'm looking at).

Have a Dared 845 Integrated amp. Pretty nice fit and finish. Great sound for the money. No problem thus far for 4 months now. Purchased it new. I think it's nicer sounding than most of the Jolida amp I have heard.

I did have to change out the factory tubes. Nothing fancy. Just change to Valve Art 845, EH 6SN7 and NOS GE 12AX7. Still looking around for a better pair of 12AX7. The factory input tubes were not very good sounding and one of the factory 845 arrived DOA.

Service was my primary concern, but I think a SET amp is easy enough to service if you have the circuit diagram.

For most SET amps, look for >6 ohms impedance and > 90dB efficiency. Also make sure the impedance curve does not have a lot of peak and valley. Something like a 8Ohm speaker with a 3 Ohm dip will usually sound lousy at specific frequency range.

Email me if you have any other questions.
I tried a dared vp16 and am very impressed with it after replacing the chinese tubes with nos red base/ jj telsas. I belive that there is nothing beter for under 400$. Try one, dont like it sell it.I doubt youll be dissapointed. There is one on E-bay with 3 sets of very desireable tubes now, and going very cheap.
I bought the SL-2000A tube preamp.
I paid $330 shipped (New)
I added some good NOS 12AT7's and a NOS rectifier tube.
This preamp replaced a well regarded (Stereophile Class B) $1500 tube preamp.No contest!
The VP300B with upgraded tubes, capacitors, diodes, and resistors, as well as silver wiring and the volume/preamp section bypassed bested my prior Audio Note Conqueror amplifier.