Dared SL-2000A tube preamp help

I wanted to try tube preamp with my system...this is the first venture into the world of tubes... I was able to get the Dared for 300.00 and I thought what the hell.

My question is regarding my system as a whole...I have a Denon 3801-AVR that I use as a preamp/HT processor with a parasound 1000 powering B&W 805's for stereo channels. I have a JVC CD/DVD-A player connected to GW Labs DSP for digital-analog 2 channel 96kHz through the Denon pre-out into the Parasound (GW Lab does not have analog out). I wanted to incorporate the Dared and still maintain HT processing without chaning interconnects all the time.

What I was thinking is that I could run interconnects into one of the two line inputs on Dared from the L/R six channel outputs on the JVC-CD instead of into the pre-inputs on Denon but keeping remaining Center, Subwoofer, Surrounds...running into the Denon pre-inputs. Then instead of pre-out directly into Parasound-running Pre-outs into the second line input on the Dared and then a single pair of interconnects into the Parasound. This allows the possibility of A/B with CD-Transport (direct) vs. 96kHZ through 2 Pre-amps into Parasound...

I don't have the room or the money for a second dedicated listening room with amp/speakers/tube preamp...so does this setup seem o.k. while maintaining 6.1 HT listening. Will the Denon Pre-out/Dared-Preamp-into Parasound "synch" L/R with subwoofer signals from 5.1 outputs or should I instead use the L/R rca on back of JVC runnning into Dared and deal with loss of space.

Also...what about mixing and matching tubes for this amp and where to buy tubes. "SL-2000A is tube based line stage amplifier with 2 line inputs. It uses two most popular audiophile type of 12AT7 tubes, a 5Z4P rectifier tube."

For those of you who read all of this-thanks-if you understood it-really thank you-and any input would be greatly appreciated.

OoooohWeeee...David,man I had a hard time following that one!Well the easy question first..you can get tubes from www.thetubestore.com.

I'am not familiar with GW labs.But why don't you use the optical or digital out on the back of the dvd player straight into the Denon.Use the analog outs on back of the JVC straight into the Dared.Take another pair of ICs and come out the front left and right preouts of the Denon straight into the other input on the Dared.This is the easiest way to do it.I have tried this and it works just fine.I know this will take your GW out of the loop but try it and see how it sounds.

The Tubes that come with the Dared are also good.The preamp seems quite neutral to me.I wouldn't bother changing them out until they have worn out.

Hope this helps!

I know it was pretty crazy

I agree with what you said...I did alittle more reading and ultimately there are "HT pass through" inputs on other tube preamps that would have been the answer to my problem.

You mentioned taking the GW Labs DSP out of the loop-but this digital connection should be the same as digital out straight from JVC into the Denon preamp-with pass through to the second Dared line input-Then again I can A/B between Line 1 (DVD-Dared) vs. Line 2 (GW Lab-Denon Preamp-Dared).

The only difference is that line 2 would be the converted 24/96 vs 16/48 digital if I cut the GW Lab out of the loop. Unless you're saying that the Dared couldn't "handle" as well the 24/96kHz analog or is just an extra component that you think is the problem?

Last question-back to the RCA output from JVC-Can you use the front left and front right from 5.1 output (again could have subwoofer signal by leaving Denon on) or should you instead use the RCA outs

Hello David,you should be able to run your left and right outputs of the 5.1 outputs to the inputs of the Dared if you like.I don't think it would make a difference.The Dared will use whatever analog signal you feed it no matter the sampling rate.Also if you use a sub with music .You could run it straight from the sub out on the back of the JVC..if it has bass management.

I'am not sure but doesn't the JVC already sample at 24/96 or 24/192.It seems like it would since it's setup for multi-channel music.It comes with a built in decoder I think?

The least amount of components in the path, the less a chance of the signal being degraded.You can give it a try either way and see what sounds best to you.I have gotten better results just going straight from the cd player to the preamp..unless you are going to use a Dac with analog outs.For two channel listening I would take the Denon completely out of the equation.

The Denon also has it's own Dac.Which I believe is pretty darn good.Especially for just watching movies.The JVC is only the transport if you use the optical or digital coax outputs on the JVC.The Denon may or may not down sample the GW Labs and then take the bit rate back up to 24/96.So having the GW labs in the path between the player and the AVR ,may only be adding extra work for the Dac inside the Denon.

Looks like you have got some experimenting ahead of you!
But it's fun to play around and see what works the best.
There's only one way to find out..try all your options.