Dared MP5 DAC-amp. Lights on, nobody home

Just bought a used Dared MP5 amp: a DAC, Headphone amp, and ~10Watt tube amp all rolled into one. It is similar to the FatMan iTube units. It did not come with a manual, but I have downloaded a FatMan manual and there isn’t much help there.

It powers up and the tubes light up and warm and everything seems OK. However, I cannot get sound out of headphones or the speakers.

Anyone work with or set up one of these before? Any idiosyncrasies with the amp or the set up or firmware that must be down loaded in order to get it up and running? Any weak points in the circuit that are worth checking out that anyone is aware of?

I appreciate any help or guidance that anyone out there can give.


Make sure the switch on the back is set to 110v.
What are you using for the source component? Are you using digital connected into the DAC of the Dared? If you are using a DVD player for source, make sure you set the digital audio output to PCM or Stereo in the setup menu.

Have you tried an analog source too?

Thanks for your responses.
This is looks like a 110V unit only. I will pull the bottom panel and see if there is an internal switch.

For sources, I have tried two different MP3 players into the DAC via the USB port on the front pannel. I have tried CD's via a DVD player and I will check the set up. I have used an analog (Cassette) source too with no luck.

The amp has been out of production for a year or two. There is not much on the manufacturer's site. Best info is probably an enjoythemusic.com review at this point.



check the output tubes?