Darbee DVP 5000 and an OTA Digital Tuner

Hi All;

Anyone have experience with the Darbee Darblet DVP 5000?


In addition to enhancing the video sent from our Oppo 103, I was thinking of installing a Channel Master CM7001 Digital HD Antenna Tuner CM-7001 and running the HDMI into the Darbee to enhance the Over the Air digital video. I'm not sure if the video would be better this way using the Darbee or just let the TV do it's thing for Broadcast signals.


We are using a Panasonic 65VT60

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I have the same TV and same Oppo. I ended up running the video from my sources to a DVDO Iscan to Darbee to TV. I bought the Iscan because my HT processor's video board went out and the manufacturer wanted over $1000.00 to repair. The DVDO is fantastic...much better than the video in my Anthem. The Darbee just enhances the picture even more. It really works for me. Added detail and clarity without any of the bad side effects of the filters on typical video processors.