Danny Kirwan

Does anybody know what happened to that fine musician, member of the original early Fleetwood Mac ?
A search over at Tower looks like he released a record in 2000 titled Ram Jam City. Future Games is my most played FM album.
Herve1 check out the AMG (All Music Guide) site. They always have good little bit about artists and a pretty comprehensive discography as well.I liked his stuff with Fleedwood Mac too(especially "Station Man").

Cheers, Lee
Do a google search on Danny Kirwan - sounds like a very sad story as far as I can tell. All sites basically say he is a "down and out and homeless" somewhere in London living off sporadic Fleetwood Mac royalties. I agree with the Fleetwood Mac comments - "Kiln House" is one of my favoite Fleetwood Mac albums featuring lots of Danny Kirwan's work.
I'm also a big fan of his FM work. Sands of Time is a particular favorite. Ram Jam City is pretty weak, but it's nice to hear his voice and his uncanny knack for pretty melody.
Ive been a Kirwan fan for 30 years, but was saddened to learn of his subsequent breakdown prior to the release of Penquin. He did come out with a few solo albums, but like Peter Green he dropped out of sight. Luckily Peter made a comeback and was the beneficiary of a few tribute albums. Gary Moore did a bunch of his songs. Sadly no one has stepped forward to give Kirwan the same respect. He wrote many fine songs, and it would be a shame if someone doesn't acknowledge his artistry. I imagine he has hung up his guitar, unless he can find Jeremy Spencer and miraculously reappear.
It was neat to see Kirwan take a more important role in the band after Peter Green left. I loved his shimmering guitar sound and he worked well with Bob Welch while they were together in the band.

Thanks to everyone.