Danish loudspeakers: Dynaudio & System Audio

Recently, I've auditioned a pairs of Dynaudio Focus 110, I'm pretty impressed with the sound, but if I choose to buy the Focus 160, I'm a bit worry on the bass resonance problem due to rear ported design, some Dynaudio users report such problem too. I'm living in a medium room, where space is very limited, thus I'm considering to audition a pairs of System Audio Mantra 5, same Danish loudspeaker design, seem well regarded from some of the feedbacks, though I have to contact them to check whether any audition available in Malaysia, from the Website I'm able to search out a location though. Anybody heard of the System Audio speakers, any opinions or impressions how it sound?
Taters, ATC is not big time into marketing. As a result of that they don't appear on stereophile, TAS, RMAF, CES and the likes. In the UK, Europe and Japan they are extremely well respected, more than Wilson Audio btw.

I would suggest instead of asking counter questions or say counter productive questions, please make an effort to audition them some day.

Well put, Pani.

ATC is a brand not catering to marketing mechanisms that would have us believe the wheel is reinvented with every new speaker iteration coming our way. Look at their 75mm "Super Dome" midrange driver introduced almost 40 years ago, by many still regarded as one of the best direct radiating mids ever made, and used/produced essentially unchanged today. In a sense ATC's sonic imprinting can be seen as a natural extension of their non-efforts into marketing: a rather authentic sound that speaks for itself and would have us discover it on those terms, vs. how marketing-driven products would often have us believe something should sound like given this or that particular (branding) trait.

I would love to but like I said there are no dealers for them in my area.
Wim1983, If you haven't decided yet about speakers, I have just remembered one more british brand, namely EA - Acoustic Energy. Some of their monitors are front-ported
@Pani: I'm not saying ATC is not dynamic enough, indeed I think it's a speakers that generally consider to be on the top if come to mid range presentation, but the crushing kinda high freq. sound with more air is more of my liking, and I'm not sure ATC is good at that, Dynaudio may not the best for mid range, but the mid clarity of Dynaudio Focus 110 did surprise me, regarding the dynamic testing, I will arrange an audition, I've got some crazy tracks which I believe not many speakers can withstand hehe xD
@Missioncoonery: I've read some Scansonic related press, it's the poor man Raidho right?