Danish loudspeakers: Dynaudio & System Audio

Recently, I've auditioned a pairs of Dynaudio Focus 110, I'm pretty impressed with the sound, but if I choose to buy the Focus 160, I'm a bit worry on the bass resonance problem due to rear ported design, some Dynaudio users report such problem too. I'm living in a medium room, where space is very limited, thus I'm considering to audition a pairs of System Audio Mantra 5, same Danish loudspeaker design, seem well regarded from some of the feedbacks, though I have to contact them to check whether any audition available in Malaysia, from the Website I'm able to search out a location though. Anybody heard of the System Audio speakers, any opinions or impressions how it sound?
Lowrider - I have had Dali Epicon, Euphonia and Helicon and all have rear ports- which models have front ports ? Thanks
Another vote for an "okay" speaker. I feel it is a bit over -priced vs performance. My reference and fave speaker is the Thiel CS 2.7 or CS 3.7 in accordance to your room size. I have yet to demo Verity loudspeakers.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
I am the owner of Dynaudio standmount speakers. I agree that the front-ported speakers (or compression ones) are more suitable for the placement closer to the rear wall or in a rack. ATC is becoming increasingly popular English speaker brand. I listened to them at the fair and I would recommend them. Another UK speakers just came into my mind, namely PMC Twenty 21, but it seems that they are out of your budget.
Bo 1972,

You are a true audio salesman, constantly pitching. You must be the greatest audio salesman in the world.
Monitor Audio is the only brand to day which all speaker they produce can create a deep and wide stage.
Wow, with close to a hundred brands of speakers available today, the above sure is a tall statement Bo.
Are you sure you didn't mean to say that Monitor Audio is the only brand you sell?