Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks type music, any others?

Listening to them on the way in and was wondering if there are any other bands/groups that do this kind of genre? Seemed like at one time it was called "Dog Music"? I Googled Dog Music and nothing really came up except maybe a CD for a poodle. Always been a favorite Sunday morning drink your coffee type of tunes. Any suggestions?
Thanks, John
There are no others like the "lickettes". Dan is the "man". Good luck in your search.
Go to Pandora and build a Dan Hicks station. I just did and got several related artists.
Ever hear the "squirrel nut zippers" ? Not really Dan but good stuff.
buy all of the Dan Hicks albums . . . including the one he release a year or 2 ago. Good stuff.
You should be looking for "Dawg" Music,as in the acoustic small group quasi- Bluegrass/Swing Jazz genre as titled by mandolin player David Grisman.That Dan Hicks sound is a hybrid in it's own right,recalling groups like the Cats and the fiddle and other Black 30's and 40's string Jazz groups but adding his own wry vocal style and the female vocal harmony of,if i recall correctly,Mary Anne Price-a sweet voice and a face to match.The reference to "Dawg" music might be that both of the musicians came out of the Mill Valley area.Take a look at the music of Rebecca Kilgore and the group BED...on Arbors records.This is a little more musical and sophisticated than Hicks but will get you going in the right direction.
The Pandora thing is a good idea. I dont listen to it as I usually listen to Radio Paradise on the internet.
"Dawg". That makes more sense. Mary Ann Price, what a voice. I have all the Hicks LP's. The "Stricking it Rich" LP is recorded extremely well. Crank up "I Scare Myself" & the violins will send chills up your spine.
Dan Hicks

How can I miss him when he won't go away? LOL

I saw him on the Tonight show many years ago, he's a tall feller...

If I can come up with anything I will post later

good luck
lyle lovett. robert earl keen. sorta work the same neighborhood.
It's funny, I love most of the acts mentioned but don't associate any of them with the sound of Dan Hicks. The closest thing that I can think of is Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys.

BTW, if you can find a quad copy of Hicks' "Strikin' It Rich" jump on it. Great music, enthralling fidelity.
I agree with above posts, there is nothing like Dan Hicks.
I have been a big fan since the early 70s.
If you ever have the opportunity to see him live do it.
I'd call him kinda country swing. Try Asleep at the Wheel, maybe.
You should audition Jorma Kaukonen's "Blue Country Heart". It's available on SACD and one of my favorites.
How about Kinky Friedman? Best album is Sold American. He is also an accomplished mystery, ran for governor of Texas, and owns a dog rescue ranch in Utopia, Texas.
OT, you wouldn't be Early Bender would you?
No I am not.
Maybe you will like "Dan Zanes and Friends".

Where's the Money and Striking it Rich are insanely great records.

They might be accused of deriving their singing style from Lambert, Hendricks and Ross, so they are worth a listen. Definitely full-in on the jazz side of things, though.
Meschiya Lake and the Little Big Horns CD "Lucky Devil" is great stuff. I found that on CD Baby.
Geoff Muldaur, he and Maria were once married and performed in the Jim Kweskin Jug Band together, plays a low key jug band, prewar blues type of music.

Check out some of his albums on Amazon. You should find something you like.
I purchased the quad version going off your recommendation and it is awesome indeed. The highs are off the chart clean.
Thank for the tip. -John
John, glad you are enjoying it. It blows the doors off of many so called "audiophile" recordings. Plus the music is just great.
Dan Hicks is all basically clever swing stuff...I saw him again live earlier this year and he really is an underrated singer, and always killer in any combo...seen him with from 2 dudes to an entire largish band. A great Pandora station is John Jorgenson...a brilliant Nashville guitar player who is now one of the great "gypsy jazz" players around, so that station has a pile of that sort of swing, although all instrumental.