Dan Hicks has passed away.

This is getting really sad...

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hicks was a genius.

this is ridiculous: lemmy, then bowie, then kanter, now hicks. 

keith, be careful. 

You forgot Glenn Frey.
Boy, Dan Hicks was something special.  Saw him with a Hot Licks Reunion in the 90's and with a different group of sidemen years later.  So much talent and so very funny--maybe the funniest frontman I've ever seen.  Adios, Dan--thanks for all the great times.
Wow,what a year!My best friend just passed a couple days ago as well,,,

One of my favorite song titles ever, "How can I miss you if you won't go away?"
We'll miss you Dan. 
R.I. P Dan. I think I have all of the Dan Hicks and the Hot Licks albums, including the last one. Saw them perform at Wolf Trap in DC. Great show, and I still have his albums on my regular playlist.
+1 mofimadness
Of all the sad news of late, this hit me the hardest. Dan Hicks has never been that far removed from my rotation since the early 70's. Such talent, stage presence and the ability to find such superb musicians to play with is not a common commodity. And all with such great humor. It there was ever happier music to listen to, I have not heard it.
All true. And, his albums Where's The Money and Striking It Rich feature unusually good sound, a pleasant surprise. I saw him live in a converted movie theater near San Jose City College in '73, and he had added a good jazz drummer to his band. The combo swung like crazy!
I just heard about this sad news today on my local radio station. Such a bummer. I only recently became aware of his music. RIP Dan, I wish I would have caught one of your shows. I can recall twice seeing his name on the marque at the Belly Up that is practically a hop skip and a jump from me.