Dan Fogelberg Succumbs to Cancer

Sorry to hear of Fogelburg's passing. Always enjoyed his music.

Wow, what sad, sad news. Surely the prayers and condolences of many are with his family and friends.

He has always been one of my all time favourites and, in my opinion, really in a league of his own. No doubt that the beauty of the man will certainly live on through his music.
Don't let Dan's passing be in vain.
Please see your Doctor and have your prostate checked.
Even the biopsy test is simple and painless (been there, done that).

Many great men taken by this disease because they were too
"macho" to have something put "in there" (Zappa, Vince Lombardi).

This is a very slow growing cancer (death in 10 years if untreated) but it must be caught EARLY!

Just do it!

We'll miss you Danny, Thanks for the music.
I grew up with his music. Many fond and bittersweet memories during the late 70's. His music was an inspiration for me during that time.

According to his official web site. He died at home in Maine at 6:00am this morning with his wife Jean by his side.

Goodbye Dan..Your music will live on
Just heard, on Larry King, that Steven Stills will have prostate surgery in early January.