Dan D'Agostino S250 MxV enough power for Wilson Audio Alexia V

Do you think the Dan D'Agostino S250 MxV will provide enough power at 250 watts stereo for the Wilson Audio Alexia V speakers? 

Speakers say 90 dB @ 1 Watt @ 1 Meter @ 1kHZ.  But at 1kHZ the speakers impedance is 6 ohms.  What happens to the sensitivity at 85 HZ when the speaker impedance is closer to 2.5 ohms?  I guess at 2 ohms the S250 says it will put out 1,000 watts.  


I’m using the Pass Labs X-260.8 monos with my Sasha DAWs.  More than enough power.  Powerful bass and they never break a sweat. The DAWs are 91dB at 1W 1 meter. 

@rick2000 I just received my PS Audio BHK preamp again from service and now I'm giving up on tube equipment, I love the sound but constantly rotating and buying tubes I give up. I have a Lyngdorf processor and it sounds great, what can you tell me about the Steinway preamp if you have any experience with it, I just want tube sound without the tube and the noise. Thanks