Damping Materials for Audio Equipments

Any members can help direct me to where i can buy the blue damping materials for the internal chassis for my tube preamp. Thanks!
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Have you tried dense, thin cork sheets, to cut and place in tight spots?
Home Depot for putty/clay material.

Buy the Soundcoat sheets from Parts Connextion. Adhesive backed and great stuff.  
+1 for Soundcoat. Very effective

zipost---The blue material you are thinking of is EAR C-1002 Isodamp. It is designed for constrained layer damping, which is NOT what the chassis panels of electronics benefit from. EAR also makes the stuff you want for that application: Isodamp SD125. The 125 refers to the material’s thickness: .125" (1/8"), and the SD is also available in .04" thickness. I've installed both versions on the chassis panels of my phono amp, line amp, and power amps, and heartily recommend it.

Michael Percy Audio is a great source for all the above and much more.

got it....Thanks all for your recommendation.  Any advantage using soundcoat vs DynaMat?  
bdp24... Thanks for the info.  Let me check with Michael Percy Audio.  Really appreciated!