Damping Fluid - VPI Classic - Sumiko Blackbird

Just acquired the Classic and finally mounted Blackbird; wondering if damping fluid is recommended with JMW 10.5i SE arm. If so, what should I expect and how much should I use.

(I have the hefty stainless steel weight and periphery ring clamp.)

Thanks all in advance.

BTW, the Classic is quite impressive; a significant upgrade for me from Scout.
On a separate note, would you let me know how much or little the sound quality improved? I own a Scout and have been tossing around the idea of going to a Classic. Thanks.
I have a Superscoutmaster rim drive/10.5i/Benz Ebony LP. I found that the addition of a very few drops of damping fluid helped. Listen with none, add 1 drop at a time. The sound will get better, than absolutely die. Use a Q-tip to remove that last little bit of fluid and you're there.