Damping Factor of Muscal Fidelity A3cr

Anyone out there know the Damping Factor of this amp? Have been to their web site with no luck. Thanks in advance.
Not sure, but its gotta be good to rate a Class A from Stereophile. You might check the spec sheet on Audio Advisor (www.audioadvisor.com). Not sure if they have the info you're looking for, but I know they sell the amp.
Argent, Thanks, I'm gonna try them and see. Looking to upgrade my amp next and there are quite a few awesome amps to choose from.
Just had another thought, if Stereophile rated the amp, that means they did an article on it. You might check your old issues. Well, I assume you get Stereophile, you might not. Try the Stereophile website to search for the article. I was always curious about this amp myself. Looks well made, but seems very affordable. Good luck in your search.
Argent, no luck on the A3cr Damping Factor. I checked Stereophile's web site with no luck. They had a review on the Nu-Vista 300 amp (no Damping Factor in the review for that amp either). I also checked Audio Advisor with no luck. I found the Musical Fidelity M3 Nu-Vista integrated amp reviewed in my issue of Stereophile (Feb. 2001). Also checked back at the Musical Fidelity web site with no luck. Not sure where else to look, but if I find something I will put in in this thread.
You could possibly email Musical Fidelity and ask them. Also, I saw a post on this site earlier today and now I lost it. Somebody was complaining that their A3cr just quit working after about 3 months and they had to send it back to Audio Advisor. You might try and find that one, if you are concerned about quality--I say this as I strap tape to the box of my 4B-ST that is soon to travel back to Bryston for a overheating problem. Oh well, you can't expect every amp they make to be perfect--but it soon will be perfect. :)