Dampers: Small Tube Big Tube?

I notice that most people using tube dampers do so on the small input and driver tubes of their amps, but tend not to do so with the thier output tubes -- why would that be?
Perhaps because power tubes tend not to suffer from microphonic's. At least I've never heard one that did and I've never noticed a difference when I tried any tube ventilation/dampening devices of any type on power tubes. Pearls look cool though.
I think you are right, and maybe the signals are alot biiger at that stage. Titanium pearls!
The small tubes are a) more microphonic and b) usually used for signal splitting and amplification. The goal is to add a minimum of noise before the power tube/output stage.
There's also the fact that power tubes tend to run VERY hot and many dampers can't handle the heat. The ones from Herbies are an exception.
I assume Pubul57 means the electrons are larger at the output tube stage!