Dampening Fluid for Scout

Why doesn't the Scout use dampening fluid?

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On the original Scout arm, there was no provison for fluid damping. However, if you upgrade to the JMW Signature Arm, it will include Nordost Valhalla tonearm wire, and a well around the unipivot to hold damping fluid. Some owners use it, some don't, I myself do, but some think it tends have somewhat adverse effects. Just have to try it and see. VPI does, or did, have a trade-in policy, where for $400 or so, they send you the Signature, and you send in your old tonearm. That's what I did, and I think it's worthwhile.

Best of luck,
Hi Thanks for your responce. I have a Scout II does this make a differance?

Nevermind I just checked and there's no well.