Damien Jurado/Maraqopa

I had never heard of this gem of a singer song writer until just a few weeks ago.
Damien Jurado's new album Maraqopa is FANTASTIC! This is my favorite album of 2012.
Check him out on Spotify if you like. He has a few very nice albums.
Damien sounds fantastic with just him singing with acoustic guitar. Many of you may perfer his music this way.
see his album "Live at Landlocked" This live album is very well recorded too. He is out touring behind Maraqopa.
Here is a 3 song sample from Maraqopa.

and a studio session
Enjoy the Music,
Very nice.

That first YouTube track really evokes Paul Simon at his prettiest - not a half bad place to start, in my book. I'm off to Amazon, now. Thanx for the tip.

Damien is a local artist...the release party for Maraqopa was at the Neptune.

If you like Maraqopa definitely get St. Bartlett which was one of the top 2010 releases.

One of the best singer-songwriters out there.
Enjoy Marty.If you purchase Maraqopa and don't love it just mail it to me and I will buy it from you.lol... really(offer only good to Marty)
This will be on your top ten of the year I am sure.
Marty do you have Spotify/Mog ? The beauty of these music sites is you can here every album Damien or other artists has ever made for free.(ok there are commercials)if you don't pay monthly fee, which I do. Quality is often cd caliber.
Marty not sure if you saw my Alt. Country thread , but you should really check out the cave singers new release called No Witch. It's stellar! Here are three cuts
Jazdoc you are right he is one of the best singer song writers. You must live in the Seattle area.Have you seen him live ? He is coming to the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh next month. I will check out St. Bartlett.
I discovered Damien Jurado here a few years ago in a thread talking about "chilling" songs. The opening cut on "Where Shall You Take Me" is one of those eerily hair raising songs that gets me every time. The cd is nowhere as upbeat as Maraqopa. If you don't have, order it next.
I am in the Seattle area. I've never Damien live...a series of mishaps (i.e. work obligations) every time I've wanted to see him in concert.

Here's a video of an acoustic version of one of my favorites "Cloudy Shoes"

Thanks Jazzdoc, I do like the song Cloudy Shoes.
I am very excited to have the opportunity to see Damien Jurado tomorrow evening at The Warhol Musuem in Pittsburgh. It should be fantastic night of art and music!!
Just an update on the concert. Damien played pretty much the entire Maraqopa album which sounded even better in concert with extended jams that were puposeful and powerful.
Maraqopa is a concept album of a dream Damien had. If you can the album should be played in its entirety. I think all the songs really hold up on their own as well, but they really flow into a cohesive oneness when played from beginning to end.
Damien sounded fantastic, his voice was strong and very interesting. The band was equally very talented!
Man, I wish my dreams could turn into fantastic album that is Grammy worthy.
A true treat to see him live!!
Please check out the youtube videos and check back to this thread if you are moved and entertained with these fantastic songs.
All his music is available on Spotify as well.
Enjoy the Music!!