Damaged Driver

It looks like a stray probing finger pushed in the center dome of a midrange driver on one of my speakers in my back-up system. It doesn't seem to effect the sound quality but is unsightly. Has anyone had any success in pulling out the dimple without replacing the driver?


Vacuum cleaner or disassemble and use your finger.

I can't count the number of times I've fixed dented dust caps for a simple repair or a stressed out buddy.. Tape or a vacuum cleaner for the easy ones and a dental pick for the real bad ones. A tiny pic hole, pull out the dents and then a tiny dab of nail polish. If they are torn or destroyed, you can replace just the duct cap..


Yes it requires you cut the old cap off the cone and glue a new one on.. Sounds spooky, it's not. You just act like you've done it before with a firm hand and a sharp single sided razor, razor knife, or a stick craft blade..


I've removed a LOT of dust caps because I add phase plugs to my drivers..



Yeah, tape trick works wonders on all but the more serious dimples. 

Vacuum cleaner on lowest power. Gently, carefully.

Dust caps are even seen by some as unnecessary.

My Tannoys have been modified by Lockwood Audio and no longer have any dust caps and I always leave the grilles on.

Use the "Tulip" method. Just don't have a peanut butter sandwich first.

Thanks all! The vacuum didn’t work. The dust cap on my driver is probably heavier than on most speakers and is constructed of multiple layers of fabric. I was able to  get it almost perfect with a piece of Gorilla tape as in the video supplied by akg_ca and it looks much better. I will try to remember to keep the grill covers on when not in use.

Capital my good man, capital.. I can get them almost perfect with a sharp dental pick and tape.. You only need a DUST cap to keep debris and dust out and stop the air leak from front to back. Adding a phase plug the cone to phase plug clearance need to be as close as possible without touching.. Again air leaks..


@fiesta75  I don't think Vacuum cleaner or disassemble and using your finger might work. I just got Dyson upright vacuum for pet hair to clean pet hair which absolutely cleans pet hair and helps me to stay healthy. I would need more time to research it and fix the dimple of the driver.