Damaged B&W Nautilus 803...

I found a pair of B&W Nautilus 803 speakers in which one of the tweeters is broken. The price is $700. Should I make the purchase?
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I had great luck by calling B&W directly for a plastic clip for my N802s. Price was $5.40 plus shipping. Same part was $62 locally. I suggest you call them and find out how much the tweeter costs then decide.

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Check with a B&W dealer for repair cost - you can normally order a repair kit or a replacement tweeter. Add the repair cost to see if it is still a bargain.
100.00 tweeter....yes, It's a bargain. If you do not buy them I will!
That speaker is probably worth $3k in excellent used condition. So, if the new tweeter isn't more than a couple of hundred bucks, it's a great deal.
I think I have to go for it. Are they versatile?
Next problem: I don't know how to fix a tweeter!
those are very simple to fix, what is broken on it, the housing, just the tweeter itself? The tweeter bascily is held in by pressure via a locking ring. That was a hell of a buy there for $700. Great speaker too. (I own a pair so Im a little biased :).)
Give the grille a twist and it comes right off. Do the same with the tweeter. Easy.
B&W will help you if you call them as well. Take your time and just do things slowly and enhjoy them.
I own the 803s(newer version) and just replaced my tweeter. On mine all I had to do was take the front tweeter grill off / unscrew the back portion of the tweeter and gently pull the tweeter out. The tweeter is held in by two clips on each side. Used needled nose pliers to reattach. Told less than 5mins.