Damage in Shipping by UPS - RE CEC TL 1 X - HELP

I just purchased what was a mint CEC Tl-X transport. Unfortunately it was damaged in shipping. There was a small puncture about the size of a nail or spike that gouged the front edge of the front face plate (about the circumference of a nail). It is clearly visible looking at the unit from almost any reasonable distance. Any idea as to how much this devalued my Transport? Anyone have a contac who can get a new front faceplate from CEC? Any information as to who to contact to get an appraisal of the damage?

Please help.

any thoughts as to what caused this damage? What are they doing now using boxes for target practice with nail guns instead of dropping, kicking and throwing boxes around to damage them now?
have you filed a damage claim with ups? would investigate the cost for just a faceplate if wanting to retain the unit, and work with the claim agent. i did that with a vpi dust cover and they finally settled, after requesting a replacement estimate, for the complete unit. kurt
Parasound services CEC products, they may have a faceplate for you. Go to www.parasound.com and look up their service #.
have you ask the seller on this? I think this is the seller's fault. He should make very good packing and protection on his selling item.
I'd be more ticked at the seller than UPS personally. If a piece is not packaged properly in it's factory box UPS will probably not process the claim, assuming there was insurance on the piece to start with. I'd try to live with the scratch. One time I sent a brushed aluminum face plate to some folks in Ventura CA. and they removed the scratch. Apart from that one incident I shut my eyes and listen to the gear more than look at it. With used internet gear just getting a piece that works is good enough IMO.
If UPS accepted it for shipping, they should cover any damage incurred while they had it in their system. I would contact them Monday morning & start the process.
Contact Parasound & verify if they still have service/parts for CEC. They are an excellent company for service, (based on my dealings w/them).
I'm constantly amazed that UPS can accept items with greatly varying levels of packaging, & then balk about paying for insured items.....
I recently mailed a small electronics item via UPS. They asked if it was an electonic item and when I told them yes, they had to open the package to check it. Apparently their policy is that electronic items have to be in their original box and then double boxed. If the original is not available the item must be taken to a professional packaging company (ie Maibox Etc). If your item was double boxed with the original I'd think that UPS would have to cover the claim. If not then either not all the service centers are following their policy or the guy I talked to didn't know what he was talking about.

There may be another scenario on how the item may have been improperly boxed. The seller may have taken it to a contracted service center, like in a grocery store, in which case they may be lacks in checking for properly boxed items.

Someone else just started a thread in regards to using a packaging company to ship electronic items. Several good points were brought up and maybe we should all use them to ship our expensive gear. We may have pay a little more, but may have fewer headaches to deal with and more time to enjoy the music.

Good Luck!
Thanks for all the responses. I have contaced UPS and let them know. The unit was double boxed in the original packaging. It was also deleivered to the wrong address (the drivers error) and left at this address until the next day. This may have been where the damage took place.