Dallas Texas High End?

Will be in Texas next week and was wandering if there where any shops near Dallas to check out? Not sure I will have enough time to shop, dream, etc. but might as well have a plan just in case. Thanks for any input.
Sound Mind Audio.
Jonathan, if you are willing to listen with our group, we usually meet on Tuesday night. Depending on who is offering to host, there are several high end systems.

Unfortunately, my listening room is undergoing reconstruction, so I cannot host for a couple of months.
Hillcrest Hi-Fidelity has been the primary high end shop in Dallas for as long as I can remember. They also have a store in Plano ,Tx(a suburb)
There are two good audio retailers in north Dallas near each other on Preston Road just off of LBJ Freeway.
1. Hillcrest High Fidelity (hillcresthifi.com)
They cary Krell, B&W, McIntosh, etc.
2. AudioConcepts (audioconceptsonline.com)
Linn, Proac, Acoustic Research

Enjoy the heat!

Hi Albert, I wish I could join your group, but it may be quite a while until I am in Dallas. You know when I am there I will not miss a trip to Casa Porter. :) I cannot wait to see the incredible flooring as well as hear your magnificent system!
Check out Audio Concepts in Dallas (my favorite dealer) for Linn, Chord, ProAc and Acoustic Research gear, Audio Insight in Plano for Levinson, Wadia, Classe and Aerial Acoustics, John Fort Audio Video in Richardson for McCormack, some neat tube gear, and Vandersteen, and Crystal Clear Audio Visual in Dallas for Meridian. I'm sorry, but I think Hillcrest HiFi is a low end mass marketer. They happen to have some Krell and B&W gear on hand to entice you to buy their Sony, Yamaha and Boston Acoustics merchandise. Their listening rooms are awful, making it impossible to even begin to appreciate anything that might be of good quality. Spend your valuable listenign time elsewhere.
Thsalmon beat me to it. Audio Insight and Audio Concepts are also at the top of my list. Both have nice stuff, and good listening rooms, although i get do mixed treatment at Audio Concepts, but hat maybe because I am young. Hillcrest HiFi is mostly Home Theater, and they do have the worst listening rooms ever. For sort of a sideshow experience you could go to Tweeter Etc. on Park and 75. You can stroll by their Car Stereo room as you head towards the the rooms featuring Martin Logan and Vienna Acoustics and Sanus Faber all powered by nothing less than B&K, and all sharing rackspace with a Bose CD player thing (with a sold sign on it). It is Las Vegas surreal. Have fun in the Big D.
Thanks for all the responses guys. Hopefully time will permit a visit to some of these shops. At the risk of going a little off topic how about some good o'l Texas Eating joints? Steak/BBQ you know the stuff :) I will be in Grapevine Texas to be exact.
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Definitely check out Audio Concepts. Ask for Bryon, he is the most knowledgeable salesperson in there. And it has indeed been many years since Hillcrest HiFi was very good, audio-wise. They are mostly home theater now, though they may still have some good audio equipment - haven't been in there in a long time. For sure go to Audio Concepts first. Also, SoundMindAudio does not have an actual Dallas location, he comes up from Austin. As far as I know, he is mostly not in business anymore, other than trying to sell off the remainder of what he has in stock.