Dallas or Texas-based audio companies

General question.  Are there any notable audio companies in the DFW area?  I love buying local if possible so I'd like to further explore those brands.

I know Rhythmik is in Austin.

Any more?
Raven is in Texas. Not sure how "local" they are, Texas being bigger than many countries and all....
Silent Source Audio Cables is in Dallas. All of my interconnects, power cords, etc are from Silent Source. Incredible products. 
Silent Source looks interesting but I can't find any info about the company and their products seem to only be sold by 3rd part sites.
Thanks @millercarbon I have heard of Raven. They make excellent tube gear but their speakers appear to be WAY overpriced.  I'd like to know how many they've sold as $20k for an obscure brand is quite a risk to take give the other great speakers in that market.
@millercarbon yep I agree.  I'm selling stuff off to pay for either the Double Impact SE with Beryllium tweeter or Moab.
@donvito thanks for that.. Brown looks like an interesting company.  Good price point too!
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I guess they don't have the internet on that separate freedom power grid they have in Texas. And it may get worse since the fatbellies are not likely to get their extra billions. Sounds like trouble.
@millercarbon yep I agree. I'm selling stuff off to pay for either the Double Impact SE with Beryllium tweeter or Moab.

The few reliable guys who have heard both say going to Moab is worth it. Sure looks that way to me. Fundamentally the same low stiction low moving mass design philosophy is used in all his speakers. That is why so many hits in his lineup. Double Impact is such a huge value because it is the first one to use the tweeter array. Even though it is only half it is so effective it gives the DI category-beating midrange. Moab then raises the bar even higher with the full MTM array.    

If you can get Moabs, manage to put them on Podiums, I think you will have to drive a lot further than Utah to find anything better.

Purist Audio Design cables is in Clute, TX, I think. (not DFW)
AudioKinesis Speakers (Duke LeJeune's company) is located in Princeton, TX, which is in the DFW surrounding area.
High Fidelity Cables is in McKinney, Texas (DFW area)

Galen Carol is in Texas. Not sure how close he is to you but he is very accommodating.
Let's get back to Texas.  Yes Raven is a Texas company.  Please do not judge the Raven speakers by the price tag until you have heard them  Op...give James Connel a call.  He lives in the Dallas area.  I am sure he can arrange a demo of the amps and speakers together. I was able to listen with James.  They are very good speakers.  It will be worth your time to call James.
Why would I put the Moab on podiums?
For the same reason you would put any speaker on Podiums: they sound even better! Not that it's necessary. I was seriously impressed with mine right out of the box.  

From what I am able to gather, Moabs are close enough to Ulfberht that if mounted on Podiums they would be quite a bit better. Total cost of Moabs plus Podiums is less than Ulf's, but will sound better. That's what I was getting at.

Another +vote for Silent Source cabling offered via John Fort Audio.

Happy Listening!
@millercarbon when you say podiums I'm guessing you mean Seismic podiums?  At first I thought you just meant raised up off the floor.
Townshend Podiums. Seismic Podiums I guess they are called officially. What I use. https://systems.audiogon.com/systems/8367 Tried a lot of other stuff, nothing even comes close. Equivalent to a significant component upgrade. One guy, might have been ozzy, had Iso-Acoustics Gaia, went to Podiums, said it was a significant upgrade. Well it should be for the price differential! lol! See the recent reviews.
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I'll second Galen Carol audio, bought many things from him and got great deals.
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I have a pair of Raven speakers. They are the most true speakers I’ve ever auditioned and the company will give you a chance to compare them against anything for 30 days. Plus their customer service is incredible. Essentially when you call them you’re talking to a person who has personal knowledge of the speaker and its inner workings not a third party who is reading off a sheet of paper. And for handmade, artisanal product that is supported for life the price is more than fair. Try them before you knock them.