Dallas (Fort Worth) Audiophile Club - we meet every month or every other month

I run an audiophile group in DFW, we call ourselves DFW audiophile club aka DFWAC.  

We have 6 core members who make it to every meet, we have 4-5 others who cycle in and out.

We just met and had a great time, we listened to a pair of Wilson Alexandria X2S2, Boulder 3060 amp, Boulder 2110 preamp, DCS Vivaldi full stack including DAC/upsampler/clock/transport, with dual JL Audio F113 subs, and full Transparent Magnum Opus speaker wire and interconnects and Tara Labs power cables.

We usually meet once a month or every other month, we usually meet on a Wednesday at 6p, then dinner at 8p, hang out until about 11p.

It's a great group, we have become friends. We have been meeting for about a year.

PM me if you want to join or show off your system.
Hi Joey,

 Please add me to the list. Thanks for the references on audio stores in the area. Fingers crossed about moving! ;)


I am interested in joining this club.

Please provide upcoming club meeting details.

Used to be an International Jensen Inc. employee (engineer) during the 80's thru mid 90's. We made the magnets for Jensen/Advent/AR/NHT/Phase Linear Loudspeakers and other Loudspeaker companies.


Advent250, I'm sure Joey V will be contacting you shortly. I joined the DFW Club last year and I've listened to some amazing systems. What I really enjoy is sharing my passion with like-minded folks in a low stress environment.
Hope to see you at a meeting.
Jon S.