Dallas Audio Club

Does anyone know of any Dallas area Audiophile organizations/clubs? I am very interested in joining one if it exists.
Aggie- I'd suggest contacting Todd at AudioHome in Dallas. I'm sure that he is aware of any/all of the local area audio groups. Good luck.
what is audiohome and how do I contact him?
I do not know of any audio clubs in Dallas, but there may be. You might be comfortable with a visit or two with my group, email me and we can discuss details.
I live in Fort Worth and would certainly be interested in Audio clubs in any of the two cities.
Gallaine, you and Aggiebob98 may both email me and discuss a possible meeting. Our group is very relaxed and has no membership requirements except that we get along with each other. Contact me if you wish via the Audiogon email server.

Anyone active here? Albertporter, I noticed your postings and would like to find out about your audio group. Please let me know.

I hope everyone has a nice labor day weekend.

Any audio clubs in Fort Worth???
hi, there is a HT forum that has just started and they talk about Video and Audio in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area.

the forum is called the Dallas home theater group or the DHTG lounge.

I only have a web TV and cannot transfer the listing to this page, but if you do a search you should come up with it,

I have just moved to Fort Worth and the forum was very helpful in giving me info on a ISF tech and where to and where to not shop for Audio.

I have the Lexicon MC-12 and B&W speakers with REL subs, and I consider the Audio aspect of HT first. Greg
We meet on the first Sunday of every month at 2pm. The meeting is held at Sound Mind Audio - Fort Worth. We discuss new music, 2-channel and theater. Anyone is welcome to come! Hope to see some of you guys there.

www.soundmindaudio.com - for more info, directions - 817-569-8844
Hi, I live in Arlington and I am interested in meeting audiophiles in DFW area. I like to meet people who are open minded and consider audio gears of all price ranges rather than insisting that their expensive toys are the best (without even having listened to others). The purpose is to enjoy and exchange music and learn from each other, and rotate meeting venues. Thanks.

My modest system:
Speakers: Apogee Diva with Dax 3
Amplifiers: Jadis JA-500, Krell FPB600, Audio Valve Challenger
Pre-amp: Conrad Johnson Premier LS-17
CD Player: Meridian 588
Subwoofer: REL Stadium III

I love a variety of music ranging from classical to Jazz, World music, rock and vocals.

My system at audiogone can be found at
We meet on the first THUSDAY of every month at 7pm. The meeting is held at Sound Mind Audio - Fort Worth. We discuss just about everything. Anyone is welcome to come! Hope to see some of you guys there.

www.soundmindaudio.com - for more info, directions - 817-569-8844
There is actually an club called “Dallas Audio Club” or (DAC).

You can visit our website @ http://groups.yahoo.com/group/dallasaudioclub/

Frank / Bear-hifi
If anyone is interested, there seems to be a new group looking to meet in the DFW area. They are using the new meetup.com service which helps likeminded folk gather and share hobbies.

A co-worker went to the first meet-up and told me about it. I'll probably try the next one. Find out more below:


May 14-16 with some pretty rad designers (shown at the link) not generally heard in showrooms. Your ears are summoned. Enjoy.
Are there any active clubs in the Dallas area?

I'd like to experience what others (not salesmen) have defined as good or exceptional audio in both equipment and room treatments.
Located in west Plano area. Any active audio societies/clubs around?
Joc3021, We have a pretty good size group, people from Plano, Dallas and even Ft. Worth.

I'm not sure how we get in touch with each other since Audiogon removed the email system.
Is your club still operational in Dallas/Ft Worth area(s)?
Mine is not really a club, just a bunch of like minded listeners that get together and enjoy music and even throw in a few tests now and then.

Tuesday night is the time I have set aside, other members have sessions on their own schedule.

Put my name in at Google. My photo website allows you to reach me via email.
Thanks! Albertporter.
Happy New Year!

any activity in Dallas this year?

Still doing our Tuesday night thing, same as we have since about 1977, that's pretty consistent :^).

any of the guys from Audio Concepts or John Fort Audio meet w/ your group?
John Fort was a close friend for many years, I used to see him all the time.

After Patti and I were blessed with our son we got too busy for several of our friends. Then John got married and we hardly ever saw each other. John is a very bright and honest guy and has good ears.

I do not know anyone at Audio Concepts.
does this group still meet today ? 

I would like to join 
I would also like to join a group near Plano area. [email protected]

I'm also interested in a Plano area group. Though I don't think there is one currently.
 [email protected]
I am moving to Dallas from the Baltimore/Washington metropolitan area  in the next few months. I have a small audio company that makes this and that audio wise, and I'm looking for an "In" I guess, into the audio community in the area. I have friends in Dallas , just no audiophiles like me.  Mainly musicians.
      Any thoughts?

You might check out and consider attending the Lone Star Audio Fest in Dallas on May 4-6, 2018.

I run a local audiophile group.  I made a new thread.  
I see people asking about meeting in Dallas.  We still have our group, easy way to contact me is here at Audiogon, my name here is my real name, easy to find.

I also have three websites, two easy ones are albertporterphoto and allnicaudiousa both easy to find via Google,

You can send email via either site and we can figure out from there.

Good to read that Audio gatherings  are alive and well in the Dallas/Metroplex area.

Happy Listening!