Dalis or Thiels

Any thoughts on the Dali Helicon 4's mk II and the Thiel S 2-4 with mac equipment thanks
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Good Day-

I have heard the smaller Dali speakers (not sure the model?)
and the very best buy in speakers is very clearly Thiel.
I have enjoyed the CS 2.4 in many systems, except for MAC, I would strongly suggest a home demo to cover your bases prior to any purchase.

The Thiel loves high power and even higher current to play its best. This is the richest -sounding speaker to date.
If you want micro-dynamics and real "timbre" then look / listen no further. Keep me posted and Happy Listening!
I am running 2.4s with a Manley StingrayII and it has plenty of power for these speakers. Much more so than the CJ CAV50 that preceded it. With 4 EL84s per side, this seems to be a "higher torque" design, especially given the 5 Ohm made in house output trannies.
I have not heard the Thiels but my reading tells me that they are very different speakers from the Dalis. Now I may have gotten it wrong regarding the Thiels, but my understanding is that they are a more revealing speaker that will show any deficiencies in your system and sources (cds,vinyl,etc.). If you have confidence that your system is up to the task, i.e. no brightness or other distortion, then they might be what you are looking for.

On the other hand, the Dalis are more forgiving and easy to listen to. They are not detail fanatic speakers, but they are not slouches in that department either. They are very musical and fall a little on the warm, rich side of the sound spectrum. I have owned Dali Helicon 400s and enjoyed them a great deal. I can recommend them.
Can't speak to the Thiel 2.4s (early Thiel models like the 3.5 were terrific but had an overall tonal balance slightly tilted to the treble, so auditioning them was a must because they weren't everyone's cup of tea), but do agree with Tomcy6 that the Dalis are indeed a warm, rich speaker and are a pleasure to listen to, so long as your room is big enough to handle them--i.e., I would not put them in a small room.
This is shamelessly self-serving, but if you end up going with the Thiels, I have a pair of 2.4s (in maple) that I'll be putting up for sale in the next month. If you happen to be within driving distance of Boulder, CO, you could bring your amp and audition them at my house.

Great speakers, beautiful, great imaging... I'm only selling because I decided I wanted to try low powered SET amplification.
I've been running the Dali Helicon 400 v1's for 7-8 years now, very happy with them, but haven't yet heard the Thiels.

The Helicons still did well in a 12x15' bedroom (with queen bed, computer desk, etc), but in this room the placement of the speakers with consideration of the surrounding area/furniture and selecting the right accommodating electronics were key in getting it to sound good.

Now in a 16x21 living room which allows 3' of space behind the speakers and psatisfactory breathing room. Naturally, they sound much more open and free to let the music flow. the ribbon tweeters will be silky unless using bright SS electronics. Lastly, for a taut bass sound, recommend brands known for clean and taught electronics - Sim, Naim, Pass Labs have all sounded great for me.
I haven't heard the Dalis. A long time Thiel owner. I don't recommend Mac with Thiel.

Dali speakers are one of those brands that I hear and always think how nice they sound...those clean, clear, effortless upper mids and top end. And at the same time I always think "Why don't I love these more?"

I'm pretty sure it has to do with the ribbon drivers. I always, always hear them in the mix. So listening I can't help thinking "ribbon driver, ribbon driver, ribbon driver..."

At the recent Montreal Audio show there were several rooms with Dali speakers, and I had the same impression every time.

But this is a "it's me, not you" thing. I don't hate on the Dali speakers at all, they sound beautiful. I just can't seem to get past that issue.

I guess it's that coherence issue that is one of the things that make me prefer the Thiels.
Mac and Thiel are a great combination. Been using for years with 2 different Thiel speakers.