Dalis Euphonoa MS5 vs Sonus faber Cremona vs

Dalis Euphonoa MS5 vs Sonus faber Cremona vs krell Lat, What I need is your pro and con of the three.I want to start with a pair and then follow when budget permits get the rest,center channel and surround.What I'm looking for is a detail,clear,dynamic sound.Wich one represents the best of this atributes and also will interact the best with the rest of the other speakers? center, surround.I will powered them with monoblocks and the rest with a 3 channel amp.
nobody dares yet?
Any help from the experts

Hi Armandito,

If you're considering this general speaker 'neighborhood' I'd recommend auditioning the Wilson Benesch ACT (or perhaps Curve) and also the Piega C8 limited.

They share a lot of the cabinet design features of the Dali, Cremona, and Krell, and are generally regarded to have exceptional detail and dynamic sound.

(Both the ACT and the C8 lt'd have been reviewed in Sterophile, FYI.)

Good luck,
Wow.is it a coincidence or fate, that I was looking at the Wilson benesh myself today when I received my stereophile magazine.who Is a dealer anyway of those speakers?

Assuming you're in the US- The Sound Organization is the US distributor (www.soundorg.com). Otherwise, I'd check the WB website. In my neck of the woods, Audio Vision SF (San Francisco) does a great job of displaying and selling Wilson Benesch- occasionally, they sell demos online.

For what it is worth, I own and love the WB ACT Ones (the predecessor of the current ACT)- I've briefly heard the ACT and ACT One side by side- to my ears, the ACT improves on the ACT One, most noticeably in the deep bass and more subtly in resolution. Both of them do an uncanny job of dissapearing and getting out of the way of the music.

They may not end up suiting your specific musical preferences or integrating in your system, but I'd definitely recommend auditioning them.
I've heard all three that you mention, plus Tommywall's suggestion. I think they are all superb choices depending on your taste as sound signature will end up swinging you from one to another in terms of preference. The Sonus system is the compliment I've heard that integrates all of the elements the best to my ear, and I find the Dali's wonderful in what they do but a touch too warm, perhaps darkish by comparison.

If you go the LAT route I think you're locked into the Krell electronics but in their way this combination is fascinating....and very good, not harsh as many grouse about when Krell is mentioned.

I agree with Tommy, the WB speakers disappear and are dynamic as hell but I have not heard a full surround system. I also found them to be electrostat fast. For me though, the WB can be a little lean in the lower mids to upper bass and hence a little cold but they are a remarkable speaker...I think. And the dealer Tommy mentions is superb, great guys.