Dali speakers?

I have the opportunity to buy a piar of Dali speakers (danish manufacturer) for $440. The speakers are bookshelf and are called Dali Blue 2002. I was unable to find any review or information about these speakers. Is anyone there who can help me? I listened to them some Morcheba. For me sound better than AE, KEF, Paradigm or DefTech, PSB and Mission. Am I wrong? Please help! Any opinion wellcomed. I am open-mind person and I do accept critisc or different proposals.

Thank you for looking and for advise

there are hales revalation one's in mint condition on the gon for 450. they are incredible. the blue's are well respected monitors, but personally i don't get it.
Trust your ears. If you like them, that's it. Just make sure to get proper stands.
Dali made a really "arty" model called the Salvador. Here is a link to one of his creations, a conceptional view of Red Rose music.