Dali MS-5 Bi-Amp; Tri-wire

I have a pair of Euphonia MS-5, which has three independent inputs for bass, midrange and treble. I am thinking of going to a bi-amp setup. I have a Simaudio I-7 integrated amp that I would use to power the Bass input of the speakers. Then I would like to use a Cary Audio V-12R tube power amp which will have the pre-amp outputs from the I-7 connected to the Cary inputs and then the Cary bi-wired to the Midrange and Treble inputs of the MS-5's.

I am thinking that this would be the best of both types of technologies. Utilizing the solid and excellent transient response of the solid state I-7 for the bass and the smoother sound of tube amplification for the midrange and treble.

Has anyone tried this type of hookup? Is there anything that could be damaged by doing this?
You can do this, but you will need some kind of attenuator or active cross-over. Does the Sim have an additional pre-amp out to drive the Cary. In many cases, taking a signal from the pre-out of an integrated means you have to remove the jumpers that drive the amp. A work around would be if the Sim had a stereo sub out.
When bi-amping, the two amps should be the same. Otherwise, you will have gain and coherence issues. What if your Sim has a higher gain than the Carys? That would mean your bass is more pronounced than the rest of the frequencies. What if your SIM sounds faster than the Carys? You'll have coherence issues. But of course, this is just my humble opinion. Good luck!