Dali Helicon 800 or Acoust Zen Adagio in this room

Need expert advice on speaker size vs room size.

I am considering both the Dali Helicon 800 or the Acoustic Zen Adagio but need some expert advice on which speaker would work best in this room. I have a drawing of my room here in this link to try to make the discussion a little easier:


My concerns basically are this. My top speaker choice for some time has been the Dali Helicon 800, with the AZ Adagio being my second-choice speaker. I love the looks of them both. But I do hear some reports about the difficulties the Helicon 800 can pose in controlling bass in some rooms. My room is sort of odd in that the main listening area is not huge, but the room itself is not closed off either � it is basically connected to an adjacent Rec Room area. The entire area is fairly large, but when people ask me what size my listening room is, I really don�t know how to answer (please see my drawing in the link). The Listening Area of this room is carpeted. The Rec Room is finished with ceramic tile. The entire area is fitted with an acoustical tile ceiling that is set at a height of 8ft.

Would I have trouble controlling the bass of a large speaker like the Dali Helicon 800 in this room? On the other hand the AZ Adagio is a bit smaller overall, and could possible be positioned a little closer to the rear wall. The dynamic range of these 2 speakers are almost the same (I find this almost incredulous, as the Helicon 800 has dual 8� woofers compared to the Adagios dual 6.5� drivers � but I am not a speaker designer). Would I be missing out on some performance going with the cheaper/smaller Adagios?

BTW, I listen mostly to rock (all types from aggressive to acoustic folk) and electronic music of all sorts. Your comments and discussion are all welcome. Thanks a bunch everyone.
Sorry, I haven't heard the Dali Helicon, but I love my Adagio's so much, that I have to pitch in that they're super speakers. - They really reveal their source, they don't really require a sub, even with AC/DC, Yes and Zeppelin. (I mainly listen to jazz, but grew up on 70's metal and prog.) It doesn't take much amp to drive them well, but they reward quality. Good luck with your choice.
Thank you for providing the drawing.

Your room is effectively quite large from the standpoint of bass energy, and large rooms tend to make speakers sound "leaner" than they would in a small or medium room. I'd suggest going with speakers that tend towards "generous" low-end weight. I think that's more likely to be the Dalis than the Adagios.

Interesting comments. Both speakers are rated basically the same as far as frequency range at the low end (Adagio actually lower at 30Hz and Dali at 31Hz - the same, basically).

One big concern about the Dali is the large depth to the cabinet since it is around 20". How far away would I need to pull that cabinet away from the wall and if I cant get them away enough will I have trouble controlling the bass?

Anyone know of any good resources in listening room arrangements, etc. Please click on the link in my original post showing the room drawing. Thanks.
my room is 21 by 14,same layout except recroom is kitchen,adagios sound great.dont know about dalis.i do know that the adagios just sound right(for me)in this room.Have had totems ,dynaudios,b and w's...the adagio have a well balanced sound
I have Dali Euphonia ms4's in a 14 x 21 room. The bass is clean ,fast and tight. Never boomy. They are about 18 inches off the back wall. Plus the Dalis are beautiful!