Dali Helicon 800 Mk2 are stunning ?

I recently upgraded from Dali Helicon 400 to Helicon 800 Mk2. I went on a year long year long search before I chose the Helicon 400 originally, and the reviewer's were right - they are excellent! I bought the 800 Mk2 based on listening to the original 800, and my trust in the Helicon range, and have found them to be simply stunning in almost every way, fixing and improving on slight imperfections in the 400's
Are there others on this forum who have tried them? What are your thoughts?
I picked up a pair of used rosenut 800s MK I in December after first demoing the 400s. Liked the 400s but found the bass and mid on the 800s to be much deeper and rounded out, so it's wasn't really a hard decision. Mike60, I'll send you a pic when I get a chance. Not sure what you listen to, but I listen to everything (rock, electronica/dance, jazz, ambient, reggae/dub, soul/hiphop) and they are plenty dynamic for it all. I'm using AntiCable interconnects and speaker cables, and these have served me well. Other equipment is Butler 2250 amp , Modwright 9SWL pre and a Transporter. Highly recommend the Transporter if you have the desire to go completely digital. I even hooked up the Transporter without a pre and it sounded great through the Dalis, but the Modwright did improve the soundstage and provided some polish on the mids and lows.
Wonder if the 800s has more dedicated midrange versus the 400 which still shares midrange with the lower driver.
Lapierre, the answer to your question is "yes". I found voices in particular sounded slightly more prominent, defined, and spacious vs the 400.
I have a quick question for all you guys, What miltichannel amp would you guys recommend me to drive Dali Helicon 800 mk2? I currently have a pass lab X350 that I was thinking to sell in favor of a muitichannel amp, but I'm affraid to loose the power the X350 has on the dalis? I was thinking of getting a 3 channel amp to match the rest of the speakers, but I don't want to cut corners with the rest of the system. any recommendation? Please help
Armandito, I think you're best off to stick with your Pass and use a bypass for your surround. (Many two-channel preamps have them today). Those Dalis need good, high quality power. You'll need to spend a ton to get comparable power and quality in a MC rig.