Dali Helicon 400s with Classe amp

I have been toying with the idea of making a speaker switch. My room is about 12x11. I have heard Dalis sound amazing with macs, and classe is a very similar sound. My classe has 150 watts per channel. What do you guys think about this combo.
Darren I have not listened to Classe with Dalis but you should do just fine. Listened to 70 watt simaudio amp with 400 and I could have easily taken these models home without regret.

Ensure you use jumpers and good cabling as I've audition my Helicon 300 with a variety of cabling and was surprised how each cable effective the sound.
I agree with Pierre, I think they'll work fine with the Classe'. I hope that your room has some large openings, because that's a small room for the 400s. You may need some bass traps to manage the sound.


The size of your room is that in feet or meters? If it is in feet I would not sugest you use Dali Helicon 400's also if you do buy the 400 buy the mkI and not the mkII. I know someone who has done a direct comparison and he prefered the mkI. This person has reviewed a lot of gear so I trust him in this.

But in a room like your if it has brick or or concrete walls I think the 400 is to big.
You can also obtain the 400 MK I for less money.