Dali Helicon 400mk2 vs Sonus Faber cremona

Hi every one, I own the Dali helicon 400mk2 which I am very happy with its sound quality, strong points which I have noticed: very natural stright foreward sound, very good seperation, dynamic. I was thinking of changing my speakers to the Sonus Faber Cremona, a speaker which I wanted to own for avery long time but it was out of my reach because of its high cost, very smooth sliky sound and great to look at, but to my disapiontment, after living with the Dali Helicon speakers, they seem to fail to reach the level of transperncy as the dali speakers, I blame the lower level of equipment which I demo them but mybe Iam wrong, what do you think, please share your opinions, should I stay with the Dali or should I change them to the cremona which I adore. My gear: Yamaha AS 3000, chord one cd player (latest addition to my system, one of the best sound I have heard from acd player, naim dacv1 for mp3, flac and etc formats via laptop, acoustic revive rca, wire world eclipse 6 speaker cables.
"what do you think, please share your opinions, should I stay with the Dali or should I change them to the cremona which I adore."

I think this a choice that you should make yourself. Especially if price is a big factor. The only thing worse than trading a good component for a lesser one, is to drain your bank account in the process.
Yeah, Sonus Faber speakers look great. I've admired them for a long time too. I thought Cremonas would be on my upgrade past, but eventually took a different direction altogether.

Since you like the sound of your Helicons (mkI were in my short list a while back), do you have any chance to audition Dali speakers in the Cremona price range? Dali makes fantastic speakers too.
I have auditioned both of these speakers. I think what you heard captures pretty well what I heard in my auditions. I really liked both speakers. For me, the Dalis had a bit of a problem in not being true to timbre with solo piano, which was a show stopper. They were just lovely with everything else especially female voice. Somehow, the SFs had a goose bump factor, especially with small ensembles, that the Dalis didn't have. I would see this as a lateral move, two good speakers that are different from each other. When changing speakers, I would usually want to benefit from a more substantial improvement.
I own the Dali Euphonia 4's which I chose over the Cremona's, Wilson Sophia's, Joseph Audio RM 33, and some others. You aren't playing on an even field as Lewinski pointed out. I would have liked to hear some Piega's and the Electra 1038 but, never got a chance.

I'm running mine with a Conrad Johnson system and a MFA phono preamp. Of course the Epicon series is out now.....