DALI Helicon 400 - speaker cable options

I have the MK 1 version and wondering what owners of the speakers are using for their speaker cables and whether they are biwiring them or not. So far have tried JPS Superconductor + biwire and Acoustic Zen Hologram 2 single wire with jumpers. Preferred the latter and it makes me also wonder about the merits of biwiring these speakers vs. good single wire and jumpers. Thanks in advance for your thoughts
Analysis Plus Big Silver single wire and jumpers used on Helicon 300s. While I don't have the low frequency of the 400s my mids and highs sound great.

Acoustic Zen Hologram sounds wonderful on the 400s.

What pre amp and power amp are you using?
Ah...Chin-Poo. Sleek. Smooth. Art Deco looking integrated. Gotta love the brushed alumuni look with the volume controls mounted on top of cherry-wood plate.

Should be a good match with the 400s.