Dali Helicon 400's or other with current Mac gear

Hello, I have a McIntosh C2200 preamp and MC402 amp and am using an Esoteric DV-50S source all in a 13 X 16 X 8.5' room soon to be treated fully. I have been looking for a medium floorstander to mate with the above gear and wonder how the Helicons or other (Proac, PMC) might measure up. I like a more tradional looking speaker with real woods. It should have good bass and natural, smooth mids and highs. Not too laid back though. I listen to all genres but more to folk rock, easy listening, and modern jazz. Thanks all. Dave.
The Helicons sound fantastic with McIntosh electronics, IMO. I think you are on the right track...

Completely agree with Dave-Helicon line speakers(400&800)sounds extremely good with Mac amps.I drive my 800's with MC-501 monoblocks,before had MC402 and never looked back since own this pair...Plus they built very well(I would say'right'),looks great also.
Dali & Mac is a match made in heaven. I own te Dali Grands and with the MC402 it was so sweet!
Try the Paradigm signature S8's, they sound great with mac gear, especially if you like to hear all the bass on the orignal track in an fast and authorative manner.
Any more info. about the Dali Helicon - Mc combo? Do they image well? How's the soundstage? Curious about this combo myself.