Dali Helicon 400 MK2 or Focal 1027be?

I will be driving with a Pass XA30.5 for a while, then maybe a X150.5. Thoughts?
400MK2 sounds great with tubes.

Focal is also good but I prefer the 400MK2 midrange with the ribbon tweeter combo.
I extensively auditioned the X150.5 with my 1027be's. Liked the synergy. The Pass Labs gave the bass some nice extension and were rock solid as the volume went to high levels. Whilst I could have easily lived with the combination I eventually settled on a Simaudio i7 to go with the 1027be's (I wanted to reduce the footprint of my gear). I've only heard the Dali's with big Primare separates, great sound also but couldnt directly compare with the 1027be's.
Not sure if this will help, but from what I have heard is that the 400mkI is better then the 400MKII. Also the mkI can be futher improved by rebuilding the crossover. I have heard a mkI with a rebuild crossover and a better tweeter (from the Euphonia series). That speaker really sounded very nice.