Dali Helicon 400 mk1 vs mk2

Just curious as to what helicon owners thought about the changes between the revisions of the speakers. I know the mk2 is easier to place in the room but I can find little info regarding the sonical differences.
There is a Stereophile review on this and it discusses the changes. I personally found the Mk1 to sound too chesty in the midrange

I would also like to hear from anyone who has been able to compare these speakers. I own the Helicon 400 mk1s but haven't heard the mk2s.

I like the mk1s. To my ear they have a touch of warmth or richness that I enjoy. To me it's not an unwanted coloration. I understand that others may disagree.

Michael Fremer, who did the review referenced above, prefers a very neutral presentation. That is what I conclude from reading his reviews anyway. Anyone else have an opinion?