dali helicon 300 opinion

Just listened to these on the way home tonight. They compare very favorably to the B&M 805 signature. They have the same openness and depth with a different midrange and mid-bass character. A bit on the brite side.. but they seem to be less nasal than the B&Ws. Acoustic bass plucks sounded much cleaner and less hollow. Anyone else audition these ? I also like the dynaudio S1.4 but have not done a side-by-side.
i've been listening to the halicon 800s -- and they are wonderful. very "lifelike". sorry i can't give you any info on the 300s.
The 300's were surprisingly fullfilling. I usually am not impressed with monitors, feeling that they give up to much in the low end. The 300's are quite impressive. btw, I did not experience the exessive brightness noted by some.
Look for a review of the Dali Helicon 300's in the next couple of months in Positive Feedback. I'm delivering them to one of their reviewers today!!
I am the reviewer that they were deliverd to,it is now 5/1, I am told 100 + hour of break in....I am sitting here listen to Los Lonely Boys...Right out of the box I am enjoying them..that is all I can say right now!