Dali Euphoria MS-5 vs Peak Consult Grande

DALI Euphoria MS-5 and Peak Consult Grande.

I will drive one of them with VTM-200 but I can't decide which is best and what are the differences between eachother.
Do you guys have any experiences or opinions.

Thanks a lot
I don't know about the Grand but a big part of what drove me to the Dali's was the performance at low volumes. These speakers don't need to be cranked to come alive, exhibiting a full, rich sound during late night listening sessions. Something very high on my list, though YMMV. Have you read John Marks Fifth Element review in Stereophile, where he coincidentally compares the Dali to the Peak Consult Incognito? Apples to oranges but instructive none the less. Good Luck.