Dali Euphonia vs Wilson Sophia 1

Alright, please don’t give me too much of a hard time over this question. I’m starting to look at higher end speakers on the second hand market and these two have caught my eye. The Dali’s (4 or 5) because there’s some screaming deals on them these days, and the Wilson’s... Well because they’re Wilson’s and there’s also some deals to be had on these too. Between the two, there’s still a significant difference in price, as well as a significant difference in sound (from what I’ve read), and then there’s the requirements for amplification which I’ll address in another thread sooner or later. I don’t have the ability to audition either of the two (yeah, I know, I know), though I might be able to audition some of the new Sophia’s which are totally out of my league. Going into a mid-sized, non dedicated 20x15-ish room with vaulted ceilings.

Advice I’ve gleaned from all the other threads I’ve read that could pertain to this type of decision:
-Buying unheard is a risky proposition.
-That both of them are old designs and a newer speaker at a lower price point might be a better option.
-Save and go full retard when the money is available.

So with all of this in mind, is the logic sound behind buying a dated, but high quality speaker? Any direct comparisons between the two (if anybody can remember that far back, hahaha)? Excluding ancillary gear on my end which I know is of primary importance, I’m just hoping for some advice on these two speakers-without getting hammered on the forum in the process.

Current gear:
Audeze LCD-X
Eddie Current Zana Deux Super (Mulard ECC35)
Aqua La Voce S2
Shunyata Cobra RCA
Audioquest Carbon USB
Macbook Pro
Shunyata Venom PS8
Shunyata Venom Defender
Shunyata Venom HC
Shunyata Venom Digital
Shunyata Viper

I listen to rock music, blues, jazz, hip hop, and some electronic FWIW-and I enjoy a bit bass on the bottom end.

I realize this is a headphone setup, but it was more efficient for me to go this direction rather than have to buy an entire system at once. I also believe in the buy once, cry once philosophy and have learned my lesson on the slow upgrade process and the consequent waste of funds in the process.

Thanks for the help y’all, I really appreciate it.

I don't know about the Dali's,  but I recently bought some Wilson audio Sophia 2's and I adore them!  I also purchased them on the second hand market,  with out a proper audition. Mine however were factory recertified and they looked as if they were new.  What I do know is that Wilson speakers are relatively easy to repair, and the parts are not  ridiculously expensive. If the grills or the foam front panel ( diffraction pad ) are not in great condition, you can install these items  yourself, and they're available  from the factory.   The same can be said about the drivers and Resistors inside. This may require a local technician, or some very careful work if you do it on your own, but still repairs can be made with a reasonable amount of cost and effort.

As for the sound, they are excellent, with plenty of bass.  The reviews can do more justice than I can, but I love them!

good luck
By the way, this may be a touch north of your budget, but there is a pair of Wilson Watt Puppy 7s for sale on audiogon. They were originally asking $7k, but now it is down to $6200 I believe.  I heard this model speaker recently and was very, very impressed.  Seems they are the best in the 8 versions of watt puppy.


I've had the Euphonia MS4 and MS5, a friend now has my MS5. They're awesome speakers, the MS5 nearly full range. They do like lots of 4 ohm power. Also had great success with the MS4 and a subwoofer. Once properly set up and powered, I much preferred the MS5 to the MS4, if the room is big enough.
I wasn't aware of the ease of maintenance on them, that's great!  I'd seen that listing, but it's north of what I'll be able to spend.  There's a set of Sophia 1's at an online retailer for $5500 which is still way on the high end for me, but could be doable (though I'm not even sure if that is a decent price or not-but that's the number I'm referencing for the time being).  I'm just beginning the funding process, so I won't be buying in the immediate future.  I'm just trying to get a plan and price point put together.  Seems like the Dali 4's and 5's are in the $4k-ish range which is attractive considering there's going to be an amplifier, interconnect, and speaker cable purchase at the same time.  A sub wouldn't be on the table until quite a while down the road.

The MS4 should be under $3000 and they sound great without a sub, the MS5 sells closer to $4000 despite the sometimes higher asking prices...the big issue with the MS5 is the shipping of two 180lbs very large boxes. The MS4 can be reasonably shipped
Shipping these big bastards is a whole other (expensive) can of worms too.  For something that large do people strap them to pallets and ship them commercially?  Sounds like a nightmare.  Another advantage for a smaller form factor I guess.  Then there's the fact that I live on the third floor...
Yes. Pallet and commercial shipping for the MS5. Part of why the price is low. Really need s local buyer. The MS4 it much easier 
I've owned Dali Helicons and liked them a lot.  I'd describe them as being a little on the warm, musical, less detailed side of the sound spectrum.  I don't have a clue as to whether they would work for you though.
I own a pair of the Dali Euphonia MS5's.  They are revealing and powerful. The bass is tight and muscular, the mids are super articulate, and the high's are airy without harshness, all in all a very pleasurable balance -- a real joy to own.
Yes, they are a heavy beast, but that is a positive in my way of thinking. I won't buy speakers that don't pass the knuckle test, and these do.  The granite bases are also a very nice touch.  Apparently, the new Dali's that replaced these (same driver configuration but weight less and are made in China) are selling for $20K.
However, they do require careful positioning to get the bass, imaging and soundstage right - more effort than previous loudspeakers I've owned.  My listening room is 19' x 15". Just spent a couple of hours using the "Wilson" loudspeaker positioning approach, which has paid dividends.  They landed about 4.5' from the wall behind the speakers and 3' from the side walls, and slightly toed in. 
Next on the list -- more room treatment.  Time to listen to some tunes.  What a great hobby!