I am planning to buy new speakers. They might be DALI EUPHONIA MS5 but my concern is, could audio researh VTM-200 drive them fine. I am looking for opinions and experiences. If you guys could help me I will be appreciated.

Thank You
I used to owned the MS5 . Your amps are too small for this speaker.
Hmm, thank you I will evaluate that.
Nick I stand behind my following post from 2007 when I bought the Dali's.
It may be helpful if Jeb could elaborate on his experiences though.

10-31-07: Jamnesta
This from Dali when I was looking to power my Euphonia MS5's. I went from SS to tubes as recommended and consequently just fell in love with what tube amplification did for my speakers. My amp is the McIntosh MC2102 w/ 100 or so watts per ch., and as they say at Bentley "power is sufficient".


The MS 5's perform best with tubes (IMHO). The flat impedance curve of the MS 5's, and virtually zero impedance phase shift, provides an extremely fat, easy curve for the amplifier to drive.

As a result, tubes power the MS 5's effortlessly, and the sonic performance is outstanding.

Best of all, due to the high speed of the DALI low-loss drivers, very little is sacrificed in terms of mid to low-end speed in exchange for the sweet bloom of the tubes.

A perfect match!!

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I am very happy with MS 5 and Pass X250.5