Dali Epicon 2 or Dynaudio Confidence C1 mk2

I am considering to update my system with better speakers. My current system consists of an Accuphase amp (e450), an Accuphase cd player (dp500) and Dali Mentor 2 speakers. I am curious about the above mentioned speakers and which would suit my system best. Any thoughts?
I have never heard the Dali's but I did own the original Dyn C1 then upgraded to the Dyn C1 Signature. I personally can't say enough good things regarding Dyns. But I will have to say what best suits your system is YOUR EARS and your budget of course. If you do decide on the C1's make sure you either get the Stand4 or Stand6. If there is any way you can audition both especially side by side that would be very good but an in home audition would be the absolute best.

Good luck
Both are great products from great companies, however, there a few very important facts:


The Dali Epicon is a $5k speaker vs the Dynaudio which are $8.5k so a huge difference in price.


The Dali Epicon series employs unique new non electrically conductive magnet technology which dramatically reduces distortion by better concentrating magnet energy while eliminating stray eddy currents and electrical ghosting, Dali is the only company in the world licensed to use this technology.

Dynaudio uses conventional magnets which do not get away from this condition.

3: Finish:

The Dali's are stunning high gloss finishes, the Dynaudio speakers are very nice but not quite as stunning.

4: Value:

Dali's are way less expensive

5: Sound Quality:

Both are brilliant examples of state of the art compact monitors, both sets of speakers image very well, have excellent dynamics, and can play loudly without distortion.