Dali 400s, Best Speaker Cable ?

What 8' biwire Speaker cables would work best with my Dali 400s My system, Belcanto ref.1000s, belcanto cd-2, hydra power conditioning. Any help would be great.
I've heard the DALIs work well with the Analysis Plus Solo Crystal Oval 8 cable in single-wire configuration. Bi-wire should be even better.

I use AP Solo Crystal as mentioned above. I use two runs for true biwire. Great match and choice!!! I used on some 800's and now on my Dali Grands.

I used to use nordost and now I use Synergistic Research Tesla Accelerator. The difference is night and day.
I have the Dali MS5's and have Nordost Blue Heaven cables.
Haven't ever tried anything else to compare with though.