Dali 1.7 or dynaudio 52 se

I am on the market to buy small speakers FOR Arcam avr200 receiver.

Which speaker would much better DALI 1.7, ( EVIDENCE 370 )OR DYNAUDIO 52 SE(CONTOR C1, 72)?
I am sorry that I cannot give you any opinion on the Dali, I have not heard them. I have heard and purchased a pair of 52SE in january of this year. I am pleased beyond my expectations. Very warm, wonderful bass and very fast and articulate. Very musical. High end is very clear and musical without any sense of brightness. I just got finished with a pair of Micro Utopia's on a trial for the weekend. The micros had a slightly larger sound stage, a bit more detail on the high end though a bit "bright" with brass, and did not have as nice of a bass as my Dynaudio's. If all things were equal I might pick the Utopia's over the 52SE, but seeing that the Utopia's were four times the cost I am very happy to stay with the Dynaudio's. When I switched back after two days of listening I felt no loss. I listen to primarily LP's, 50%jazz, 30%rock and about 20%classical. Also the Nordost Superflatline II has been a very good match as a speaker wire for the Dynaudio's