DAL SCIV - tweeters gone need help

Is it possible to get replacement tweeters for the SCIVs that will integrate properly? Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Can you remove one of the existing tweeters to have a look at it ... it probably has a label on the rear. I seem to remember reading that Dunlavy used Vifa tweeters in many models, in which case a direct replacement is probably available from www.madisound.com, and is probably not too expensive. Vifa seem to give good sound for pretty sensible money.
I recently replaced drivers in my SC-IVa's. They are Vifa's and are available at either http://www.madisound.com/
I purchased them from Madisound, which has a chart for the replacements. They are the exact drivers in your speakers and are easy to replace. A few screws and two plugs. They are not expensive, either. Just be sure you get the correct model number, which is tagged on your tweeters.
That's probably where I read it ... in one of Neil's postings :-)
They're very easy to replace. You just have to fight with the felt a bit.
I'm sorry -- the other seller is www.partsexpress.com
and that's Parts Express, not Part Sex Press!
there are 3 differnt tweeter used in SC-IV depending on the series number !
All,thanks for the responses. I took one of tweeters out and I went to the Madisound web site. It lists Dunlavy part number 1012 for 1" dome tweeter and equivalent part number D27TG35-06. They have a product on their site with part number D27TG35 but no -06. The picture looks like the tweeter I took out. However, the tweeter I took out has no part number on it. There are 2 strips of paper pasted on the side. Each has: DAL SC-X TWEETER QC______ pinted on it. One has initials penned in the blank. The other has 102A pinned in the blank. There is also an orange stick on paper dot on the back with 578 written on it.

What do you think? Is the D27TG35 the right tweeter?

what is the sereis number for your SC-IV ?
I am not sure what you mean by series number but if you mean IV or IVa they are IV. I bought them in 94.

Mike, Yes! I'm talking about SC-IV. Somehow, IMO, later version of SC-IV is better than SC-IVA using scanspeak woofer.
For tweeter of SC-IV
SN 1-258:fabric dome tweeter
SN 259-1134: silk dome tweeter
SN 1135+: composite textile dome tweeter

My serial number is 265.

Based on the serial numbers provided by Cdma it appears my tweeters would be the silk dome tweeter. Neither of the tweeters listed on the Madisound chart appear to be the right tweeter. The D27TG35 is a textile tweeter and the other is shielded, which mine is not. Looking at the Vifa product line I do not see a 1 inch silk dome tweeter.

Any other suggestions on where I should look?

Have you tried calling Madisound ?
I e-mailed Madisound, gave them my speaker serial number and explained the serial number information in Cdma's post. They wrote back and said the replacement should be the D27TG35 which is the textile rather than the silk tweeter.

What are your opinions? Should they work?

Unless you get a better offer I'd take them up on it but ask about their returns policy.

You might find it works perfectly. If not you probably will not lose much money.

Of course you wouldn't be able to solder them in to test, but you could rig up a connection to see how they work.
There shouldn't be any need to rig up anything or solder, as they feature slide-on connections.

Madisound is probably the leading source of Dunlavy replacement drivers and my guess is that what they are telling you is correct. Dunlavy used cheap, easily replacable tweeters. As I mentioned above, you just have to fight a little bit with the felt surrounding the tweeter bay when you install them. Be certain to give the new tweeter 100 hours to break in before drawing any conclusions (it will need 200+ to fully come around). I also don't recall whether wrote that you need one or two, but you should replace the pair to ensure proper pair matching (this is important).

My Dunlavy dealer sold a lot of used Dunlavys, and he would generally replace the tweeters before reselling just to avoid problems, as in the Dunlavy implementation (first-order crossover and cheap driver), they tend to burn out.
Thanks for all the suggestions. I orderd a pair from Madisound yesterday. I took one out a few days ago and you are right Raquel, the felt is a PITA.